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  • 02:13 Popular Fast Girls

    Fast Girls

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    A street smart runner develops an intense rivalry with an equally ambitious wealthy young athlete.

  • 01:57 Playing for Keeps

    Playing for Keeps

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    George is a former professional soccer star who's moved to Virginia to be close to his ex-wife and son. He's broke, jobless, without a plan, and a constant source of disappointment to his son. When he takes over as his son's soccer coach, he has a new con

  • 02:41 Chasing Mavericks

    Chasing Mavericks

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    The inspirational true story of real life surfing phenomenon Jay Moriarity. When 15 year old Jay discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, is not only real, but exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlist

  • 02:02 Popular Here Comes the Boom

    Here Comes the Boom

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    A high school biology teacher looks to become a successful mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to prevent extra-curricular activities from being axed at his cash-strapped school.

  • 01:43 Popular Will


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    An orphan journeys across Europe to the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul.

  • 02:23 Popular Division III: Football's Finest

    Division III: Football's Finest

    by Elizabeth Added 374 Views / 0 Likes

    This ensemble comedy follows the Pullham University Bluecocks, a small liberal arts college with a Division III football program (the lowest division in the NCAA). When the head coach unexpectedly dies, the future of the flailing football program is in je

  • 02:35 Popular Lucky Trouble

    Lucky Trouble

    by Elizabeth Added 498 Views / 0 Likes

    Who said you have to win to be a champion? Slava Kolotiloff, a schoolteacher from a sleepy seaside town by the name of "Fingers" comes to conquer Moscow with the manuscript to his first novel in hand. But instead, quite by accident, he conquers the heart

  • 02:30 Trouble with the Curve

    Trouble with the Curve

    by Elizabeth Added 84 Views / 0 Likes

    Gus is a baseball scout. The team he works for thinks he should retire. He asks them to let him do one more scouting job to prove himself. His friend, Pete, asks Gus's estranged daughter, Mickey, if she could go with him to make sure he's OK as his eyes a

  • 03:10 Seven Days in Utopia

    Seven Days in Utopia

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    Luke is a young up-and-coming golfer. His father has pushed him to succeed on the green his entire life. After finally hitting rock bottom, he runs from his circumstances and his past and meets a man who took the time to care, Johnny Crawford. Johnny cont

  • 02:17 Popular Breakaway


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    A hockey enthusiast since 12 years of age, Toronto-based Rajvinder Singh, even went to the extent of trimming his hair, discarding his Pagri/turban, did not complete his education, incurred the wrath of his father, Darvesh, who wanted him to be involved i

  • 03:33 Popular Patiala House

    Patiala House

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    Gurtej Singh Kahlon witnesses his family being attacked by British-born Caucasian skinheads, leading to a death in the family. While the identified attackers were never charged by racially biased police, he himself was arrested for defending his family. H

  • 02:09 Popular All Things Fall Apart

    All Things Fall Apart

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    A drama centered around a promising football running back during his senior year in college.

  • 02:32 United


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    United is based on the true story of Manchester United's legendary "Busby Babes", the youngest side ever to win the Football League and the 1958 Munich Air Crash that claimed eight of the their number. The film draws on first-hand interviews with the surv

  • 02:27 Win Win

    Win Win

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    Disheartened attorney Mike Flaherty (Giamatti), who moonlights as a high school wrestling coach, stumbles across a star athlete through some questionable business dealings while trying to support his family. Just as it looks like he will get a double payd

  • 01:00 Unrivaled


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    The best fighter in the world works two jobs. The only problem... he doesn't know he's the best. Ringo Duran, the son of Gracie Duran, a famous Argentinian kick boxer, works two jobs to make ends meet. His passion, full contact fighting. His goal, fulfill

  • 02:05 Brother


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    Daniel's an exceptional footballer, a striker. Julio's the team's captain, a born leader. They were raised as brothers and play football in their slum, La Ceniza. Daniel dreams to play professional football while Julio feeds the family with dirty money; h