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  • 02:09 Popular Satin


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    A washed up Vegas lounge singer, Jack Satin (Hamilton von Watts), has no money, no job, and delusional aspirations of fame. When Jack is forced to leave Vegas, he packs up his old Cadillac and hits the road for Atlantic City. But his car dies in the deser

  • 02:18 Battle of the Year

    Battle of the Year

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    The producer Dante Graham promotes a group of b-boys expecting to bring the Battle of the Year Trophy back to the USA that have not won it in fifteen years. He hires his friend and former basketball coach Jason Blake that grieves the loss of his wife and

  • 01:50 Popular Hear My Song

    Hear My Song

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    Stet, a troubled and angry 11-year-old orphan from a small Texas town, ends up at a Boy Choir school back East after the death of his single mom. Completely out of his element, he finds himself in a battle of wills with a demanding Choir Master who recogn

  • 01:37 The Runaways

    The Runaways

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    In 1975, San Fernando Valley teen Joan Larkin reinvents herself as Joan Jett, a guitarist who wants to form an all-girl punk band. She pitches the idea to a sleazy manager, Kim Fowley, who pairs her with a drummer and then searches for a face: he finds Ch

  • 02:41 Ivory


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    Ivory centers on a young man's struggle between success versus fulfillment, and chronicles the exploration of an artist: the passion, dedication, and the immovable faith in one's talents. Andreas must train with a Russian piano teacher to win a piano comp

  • 01:37 The Broken Circle Breakdown

    The Broken Circle Breakdown

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    Elise and Didier fall in love at first sight. She has her own tattoo shop and he plays the banjo in a bluegrass band. They bond over their shared enthusiasm for American music and culture, and dive headfirst into a sweeping romance that plays out on and o

  • 02:10 Popular Violeta Went to Heaven

    Violeta Went to Heaven

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    A portrait of famed Chilean singer and folklorist Violeta Parra filled with her musical work, her memories, her loves and her hopes.

  • 01:57 Whiplash


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    A young and talented drummer attending a prestigious music academy finds himself under the wing of the most respected professor at the school, one who does not hold back on abuse towards his students. The two form an odd relationship as the student wants

  • 1:44:19 Popular Like Sunday, Like Rain

    Like Sunday, Like Rain

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    LIKE SUNDAY, LIKE RAIN tells the story of Reggie, a 12 year old rich prodigy who lives in a castle in New York, surrounded by wealth but living a lonely life as his parents are frequently absent. Eleanor is a young musician going through the pains of grow

  • 01:26 Popular Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life

    Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life

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    Lucien Ginsburg, a rebellious French Jewish boy with a grotesque imagination, hates playing the piano like his father, a bar professional, and manages to be admitted to Montmartre Academy as a painter, where he befriends an SS officer who helps him surviv

  • 02:32 Popular Pitch Perfect

    Pitch Perfect

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    The Barden Bellas are a collegiate, all-girls a cappella singing group thriving on female pop songs and their perfect looks. After a disastrous failing at last year's finals, they are forced to regroup. Among the new recruits is freshman Beca, an independ

  • 01:05 Popular The Last Ride

    The Last Ride

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    At the end of 1952, with the best years of Hank Williams's career behind him, he hires a local kid to drive him through the Appalachian countryside for a pair of New Years shows in West Virginia and Ohio.

  • 02:32 Popular Legion of the Black

    Legion of the Black

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    The film's plot follows a young girl who is a big fan of the band, but no one understands her ("Wretched and Divine") and when she tries to fight back against everyone, she is placed inside a mental hospital ("Lost It All"). The following happens in her m

  • 02:27 Popular Aashiqui 2

    Aashiqui 2

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    Rahul is a singer, who loses his career due to his drinking habits. He meets Arohi in a bar in Goa, where she works to earn a living. Impressed by her singing, he promises her to take her to Mumbai and make her a star, where they fall in love with each ot

  • 01:57 StreetDance 3D

    StreetDance 3D

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    London's venerable Royal Dance School is in a soulless slump under uninspired choreographer-director Helena, so chairman Harding warns that failure to win Royal ballet auditions will result in dismissals. In a desperate attempt to inspire passion into bri

  • 02:19 Popular Tonight You're Mine

    Tonight You're Mine

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    In Scotland, the successful American band The Make formed by the singer Adam and the keyboard player Tyko will participate at T in the Park Festival. When they meet the girls from the band The Dirty Pinks, Adam has an argument with the lead singer Morello